World Hang Gliding Association
Video on Octave Chanute by Simine Short

Mission: To support the safe pursuit of hang gliding using foot-launchable pilot-carriable airframed heavier-than-air wings from mounds, slopes, hills, mountains, or flat ground (if towed aloft or otherwise energized during take-off).

  • Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award

  • Recreational hang gliding milestone 2017 at Dockweiler
  • ... but a new question for this and possibly other sites: Silca Airs

  • Each nation is invited to have a global inclusivity about recreational hang gliding (RHG). 

  • National hang gliding associations having full focus on airframed hang glider use:
  • Hang gliding is a "gateway" in three key aviation ways:
    1. Hang gliding historically was the gateway to aviation sectors still blossoming.
    2. Hang gliding today is frequently a gateway to other aviation sectors.
    3. Many people in various aviation sectors ultimately find hang gliding the pinnacle gateway for human flight.

  • Information is welcome: